One of the leading companies in the Bridal Accessories and Floral Craft Industries in the U.S.


Dedicated to Service

Thanks to innovative products, un-compromised quality and emphasis on customer service,

B. B. World has become one of the leaders in the bridal accessories and floral crafts industries in the U.S.


Our products are also sold in most Latin American countries as well as some key markets in Europe

B. B. World Carries a wide variety of products for the bride to be, craft accessories, satin and fashion flowers, miniatures, holiday decorations and much more.


Our customers include craft manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, specialty retailers and professional crafters.


For almost 2 decades, B. B. World has proven to be a reliable business partner.  We continue to meet the challenges of the changing market place.  Providing our customers with quality, innovative products at the most reasonable prices is our philosophy.






2200 S. MAPLE  AVE.  LOS ANELES,  CA 90011

TEL. (213)745-3838   ||   TOLL FREE 1-800-742-5557   ||    FAX. (213)748-6900

E-MAIL:  bbworld@bbworldcorp.com


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